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An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Accomplishing investment goals and incorporating sustainability values need not be mutually exclusive. IFA Sustainable portfolios provide investors an opportunity to achieve their long-term investment goals through a broadly diversified strategy focused on higher expected returns while addressing environmental issues and concerns.

IFA Sustainable portfolios provide:

  • A diversified, low cost, science-based approach designed to maximize expected returns for the risk taken.
  • Mutual Funds that systematically evaluate company sustainability metrics across all major industries.
  • Emphasis on investing in companies that act in more environmentally sound ways than their industry counterparts.
  • Broad diversification while underweighting or excluding companies based on key environmental and social considerations.


The mutual funds used in IFA’s Sustainable Portfolios utilize the research-informed criteria below to derive exclusions and weightings to emphasize companies with better sustainability profiles.


Climate Change

  • Greenhouse gas emissions intensity
  • Potential emissions from reserves


  • Land use and biodiversity
  • Toxic spills and releases
  • Operational waste
  • Water management
  • Coal
  • Palm oil
  • Factory farming


  • Land mines and cluster munitions
  • Tobacco
  • Child Labor
  • Civilian Firearms

IFA’s Sustainable Portfolios are constructed using funds managed from Dimensional Fund Advisors. Dimensional’s sustainability solutions target specific environmental goals within a robust investment framework designed for higher expected returns.

For more information on Dimensional’s approach to sustainable investing see dimensional.com